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  • A proceeding in which the amount due on a mortgage is determined and a period of time within which it must be paid is fixed with the understanding that in the event of the mortgagor's default title will be vested in the mortgagee free of any right of the mortgagor to redeem compare statutory Power of Sale
  • The acceptance by a creditor of collateral as discharge of an obligation which under the Uniform Commercial Code denies the creditor the right to a deficiency judgment - Under this strict Power of Sale provision, notice must be given to other parties having a security interest in the property. If one of these parties objects to the strict Power of sale , there must be a foreclosure sale instead. In some states, deficiency judgments are allowed in strict Power of sale cases as well as foreclosures by sale.

    Right of Redemption

    Mortgagor's statutory right to regain ownership of property by freeing it from the outstanding debt, charge, or lien (e.g. by paying to the creditor what is due to release the secured property if the total debt is not recalled).


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